New Tech, Better Runs

NewTechFor my birthday, which happens to be tomorrow, my husband purchased me a Garmin Forerunner 220 and a Mio. The Forerunner 220 replaces my first GPS watch, which was a Nike+ SportWatch. The Nike watch served me well for several years, but a few weeks ago, the USB connector started to act wonky and then up and failed. Since I have been more consistently running this year, I thought it might be wise to graduate to a Garmin. It’s pretty amazing what kind of technology you can get now – the quick GPS linking (it knows where the satellites are!), syncing with my iPhone, syncing with Strava, and the best yet: syncing with the Mio!

Never heard of Mio? It’s a heart rate monitor for your WRIST! For me, I loathed wearing the chest strap heart rate monitors. They always rubbed my skin raw – and it was uncomfortable under compression sports bras. Just not a good mix. The Mio, on the other hand (literally), is a wrist band. My favorite feature is that is flashes different colors based on my heart rate zone. If I’m not watching the HR on the Garmin, I can glance at the Mio to know whether I need to slow down or speed up. The comfort outweighs everything, though, and will be very helpful when cross training.

While this isn’t a super technical review of everything either device can do, I’m not a “super user” of either device, nor am I an extreme athlete. I consider myself more of the everyday runner – someone out for fitness, fun, and doing something with my time. So, my reviews reflect what is important to me. If a reader stumbles across this blog and has questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer any comments.