Apparently, I hate America

I am a Republican, and I most definitely do not support any economic “recovery” bill that, in the words of our great Senator Jim Inhofe, ” is 97% spending, and 7% stimulation.”

The current government leads you to believe that all this pork-laden, interest-group-fed spending will become the next New Deal.  If government officials had an actual education in economics, they would understand that the reverse of this bill would be a better process. Money should be flooded to banks, where it should be strictly used as loans, gauranteed by the Federal Government, and given to people, who in turn will do what ought to be done with it: build homes and buy cars. And that’s just the layman’s version of what should be done. Milton Friedman could write novels on how this is the most terrible idea in the world. If you want financial confidence to return to America, spending all of our taxes on pet projects is not the way to gain my faith. Some examples?

  • Television is a privilege, not a right, everyone: $650 Million for digital TV coupons…and another $90 Million to educate “vulnerable populations.” What – wait a second – who and what is a vulnerable population? I’m paying taxes to help someone who probably can’t afford to watch TV to get a converter box to continue to watch it? For the cost of the box you could almost purchase a new, compatible TV.
  • I love the arts, but giving the National Endowment for the Arts $50 Million will not stimulate the economy. In fact, it hits such a small portion of the population it won’t have much of an effect. If we’re going in the direction of the redistribution of wealth, why don’t we try to hit on projects that effect everyone! Socialism wouldn’t play favorites.
  • As a debt-ridden college graduate, I love this one: $6 Billion for University Building projects. Really? How about you first mandate a decrease in the overall cost of tuition to even make it a viable option for students who want an education and be able to afford a decent living once they are through with college. Universities have plenty of money – tell them to stop paying for cars and houses for their presidents. Cut the fat from the pork before you hand over more.
  • Obama’s “Making Work Pay” tax credits come back as a REBATE CHECK. Did no one learn from last year’s rebate check, which did absolutely nothing to boost consumption? You know what I used my rebate check for? I paid bills. I didn’t use it to purchase a car or a home or something mighty-fine from the mall. Neither did the rest of America! CUT RATES, not CHECKS. Those low income folks that do not pay taxes could probably use another one of my paychecks.
  • Ever ride Amtrak? No? Really? I’m surprised then that the US government finds it necessary to dump $850 Million into a project that has never, ever turned a profit once in its existence. What incentive do people have to ride a train – except for the people that live around Washington, DC as they are the only ones I have ever seen on an Amtrak – that takes forever to get to any destination. Maybe if we had the TGV or the super trains of Japan, but we do not. We are spending hundreds of million to improve a network that no one will continue to use.

It angers me that someone would insinuate that because someone doesn’t support this “recovery” bill, that I must be a Republican that hates America, and I will now need to explain that to the general public.  I do not call it hate, I call it due diligence and caution. Flooding government projects with money is a typical Democratic way of fixing a problem that ultimately never gets fixed. All I hear from the left-wing is to hurry! Hurry! Hurry! If we don’t start spending all this tax payer money (that we’ll all have to pay back eventually) now, we’re on the brink of destruction. Our lives will end, and guess who you get to blame? Republicans, of course. When a government decides it wants to spend $780 billion dollars, I think it warrants a discussion that lasts a little longer than a few weeks. Do you know what happens when discussions become meaningful and intuitive? The more this package is discussed, the more disgusted people become with the rampant spending and pork. 

I guess when someone makes the blanket statement that Republicans must hate America if they do not pass this bill it really means that I hate Mob Musuems and water parks in Florida. Yes, shame on me. I’m a bad person for expecting diligence and care to something that will impact us not just today and tomorrow, but for years (possibly decades) to come. I think I can live with myself for that.


P.S. Take a look at what has already been cut:

I must really hate America for not wanting to $98 million on school nutrition. I bet that would have made up for the 80,000 jobs we lost the other day!


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