The shape of things to come

They say that sales people are “coin operated.” I prefer “driven” or “incentivized,” but I understand the jist of the meaning. It means that people like me need rewards in return for good work done well. Perhaps it is a little ridiculous for someone who makes a good base salary to require a bonus for extra efforts, but it takes a hell of a lot more than a normal job to perform in this realm – a whole lot more of je ne sais quoi. Hell, if I knew exactly what it took, I’d SELL it in a bottle.

I would sell it to all of those newly engaged girlfriends-come-fiances. The ones, like me, that want to lose all that weight they gained since high school or college due to poor choices, changes in lifestyles, and every other excuse under the sun.

Now, I want to sort of justify this post and say that I intended to purchase a membership to a local gym prior to Dave asking me to marry him. I was happily losing weight through the summer until we up and moved across the country, took new jobs, and then hit the holidays like a semi into a wall. That was a long three months of laziness. It made me miss doing something for myself that did not involve splurges at the mall. Something that didn’t hurt so much when reviewing bank accounts.

The point is: it takes a lot of incentive to get someone moving. My incentive to working out earlier this year was a vacation in the spring requiring bathing suits as part of the acceptable attire. Now, I am looking to wear a lovely white wedding gown in July 2010. I think that is plenty of time to make a good turnaround, but it is a hard change to make. It is hard to change the way one eats, the size of meals, and fitting the time to visit the gym. Excuses run rampant.

In order to combat the the excuses, my goal is to post the progress. Perhaps if I outline the plan online, I’ll feel more inclined to follow through.  If anything, I’ll prove my inability or ability to accomplish something…incentivized or not.


2 thoughts on “The shape of things to come

  1. i’ll give you a dollar for every pound you keep off from now until your wedding. IN ADDITION TO PRESENTS. what now r!

  2. Keep off? I could lie and say I have kept off 100 pounds and still weigh the same thing…which could maximize into infinite amounts of “weight kept off.” So, give me my millions dollars AND presents. 🙂

    Just kidding! We joined a gym and Dave and I did our first spinning class. Yikes. 🙂

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