Little Black Economic Cloud

I don’t get stock, bonds, funds, and money markets like Dave gets them. This is partly due to his MBA in Finance and mine in…oh wait, I don’t have one. To be determined, I suppose.

This lack of knowledge released itself in its full fury today as I attempted to re-enroll into a different 401K program. You see, even though I work for the same big-box shipping company, I moved around the operating companies (OpCo). Moving from one OpCo to another, one would think, would be very easy. Well, you are wrong. Dead wrong.

Just kidding…Maybe.

It is complicated. At OpCo Multi-Color, I was under OpCo Green’s plans for retirement and benefits. Now at OpCo Silver, I am under OpCo Orange’s plans for retirements and benefits. This requires all new enrollments. No rollovers. No ease of transfer. In fact, it is so complicated that it makes my head ache. Do you think anyone would have an answer on any question? No, of course not. I’m the one in the revenue generating portion of the business now, so it is my job to have all the answers. My response: they have 800 numbers for that.

This all leads to a single point: it is hard to feel good about a retirement (even one that is 40+ years away) when all the funds from which one could choose to invest are FAILING MISERABLY.

Pathetic, little economy, where for art thou better days to come?


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