Rock it!

wethepeopleIf you do ONE important thing tomorrow, please VOTE in the election. Vote for your candidate and what best represents what you want for the future of the United States. Exercise your right as an American citizen to be a part of the electorate, to have an opinion about who will lead this country, and to express what values mean the most to you. 

And if you elect (oh, that pun was SO intended) not to vote, then please do not bother bitching to anyone about the state of this country.  You had the privilege and right to do have a voice, but opted out for whatever lame reason.  If you cannot take a few minutes to vote, please do not waste your breath or anyone’s time with your future complaints.


2 thoughts on “Rock it!

  1. I think one problem is the love of the status quo in voting. For example, “I’m a Democrat”…pull the lever. …the same “type” is elected. Doesn’t “think outside the box” for real change…change to the system itself. I just posted on this; if you are interested, pls have a look.

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