And the winner is…

…the Saturn Vue!

Too bad your votes did not count! I totally picked this out WAY before I opened the poll. Your votes were in vain – just like they will be when you vote for the next President! Just kidding…sort of…stupid electoral college.

Anyway…next poll!

What color should I pick? The Sunburst Orange shade remniscent of the rock formations in Sedona?

Or what about Golden Cashmere?

Doesn’t it make you want to cuddle up with the image in all its golden cashmeric glory? No? That doesn’t do it for you? Hmm. Are you sure?

Alright fine. How about sleek Silver Pearl

Oh, now this is pretty! Couldn’t you imagine wearing such a fine silver pearl around your neck? Puuurrrls. What? You say you think I’m crazy? Hmm – you may be onto something!

Okay. Here we go. The standard of standards: Black Onyx.

Born from the underbelly of the earth, this car can be used for targets of psychic attacks of all sorts. Seriously. Did you know that? It said so on Wikipedia, so it must be true.

Okay, enough of my idiocy. Here is the poll:


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