Harvest Season

If you saw the recent episode of “Dirty Jobs,” then you will likely recognize these photos from the Blue Canyon Wind Farm in the Slick Hills of Oklahoma.  

On our way home from Lawton today, Dave and I planned to hunt down this wind farm because what else did we have to do on a Saturday in October far from our family and friends? Nothing, therefore, we hunted wind turbines…that you could see from the highway they were so big!

This was taken from 25 miles out on I-44. The turbines looked like white giants waving to us from their distant hills.

From one of the many dirt roads just north of the giants. I kept looking at my feet to make sure no snakes tried to approach…this is rattlesnake country!

While this panorama is a little faint, you can see the turbines across the rolling acreage of the Slick Hills. There are approximately 180 of them – give or take – in the farm.

This photo documents them from about a quarter-mile away, at the side of the road. Each of those blades is around 175 feet long. One person we spoke to regarding the turbines said they were a sight to see coming down the road. 

Overall, seeing the wind farm was a cool experience. Neither of us had ever seen so many turbines fill the horizon. I held no real expectations for the wind farm. The turbines stood silent against the landscape, their blades cutting throw the Oklahoma wind that went sweeping down the plain.



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