I am voting for McCain/Palin.  I supported the McCain campaign from the advent of the season, and I stand by him still.

So, why am I voting for either of them?  Why am I even comfortable voting on the Republican ticket?  Let me expound; I vote on issues, not on people.  If I voted for a specific person, I would vote for Mickey Mouse over all of them.  The notion that a perfect candidate exists to unite us all under one huge star-spangled banner is ridiculous, naive, and extremely idyllic.  

Here are a few reasons for my conservative, Republican behavior:

No. 1: Economics

I like small government.  No, I LOVE small government.  I LOVE laissez-faire capitalism (some will argue this does not exist) because a big, bureaucratic government only leads to ruin.  I think Republicans best support a free-trade system of Capitalism, which is what we need in order to remain competitive at all.  The world is flat, and while the government is good at protecting its people, American business is good at providing a wage in a quickly-changing economic landscape. 

No. 2: The Welfare State

I dislike the welfare state to an extent.  I understand and recognize the need to provide for others through programs funded under taxation, but where do you draw the line?  I also recognize that many liberals believe in the welfare state, but instead of understanding the true purpose, it appears that many liberals actually understand it to be a “nanny state” where the rich are obligated to transfer their wealth to the poor.  I understand you want to help people help themselves, but the few people that hold wealth in this country are not responsible for taking care of the many that are poor.  Should they pay fair taxes?  Yes.  Should they be obligated to pay thousands and thousands more than the average middle class person?  No, their innovations, ideas, and perserverance earned them their money, and we have no right to ask them to give more than anyone else should.

3. Nationalized Healthcare

If someone can actually give me a substantial argument as to how this would improve healthcare for every single person in the United States, I might consider voting for nationalized healthcare.  However, where the government is incapable of running social security, so is the government incapable of running a national healthcare system.  The only method I would support would be subsidized healthcare through privatization.  Government can’t run medicare or medicaid, so why put everyone’s health at such a risk?

4. Social Issues

Now, coming from a woman, please tell me how the equal pay for equal work idea is actually verifiable.  If I apply to a job that a man applies for, and he and I have dissimilar applications, but his application is more fitting of the position, and both are hired, who should be paid more?  We are doing the same work…so should I be paid as much as him even though I may be underqualified?  Sure, John McCain sounded insensitive, but you know what?  More and more women are getting educations while that is not true for men.  I cannot even believe this issue is a campaign issue!

I won’t go into abortion or other terribly hot-button issues.

5. Experience

I hate this argument, especially as an educated, twenty-five year old woman transitioning between roles.  Experience in terms of years of work is NOTHING compared to the actual strength or relevancy of the work you PERFORM.

The difference between one ticket and the other?  Palin has executive experience.  I understand the video makes her look like an idiot and Tina Fey is really funny, but seriously: She makes decisions that either harm or benefit the entire population of her state.  And while that state carries a small population, look at all she did for it as Governor.  Look at her influence, her record for change, and her tenancity. 

– – –

I commend anyone that decides to run for the presidency or vice-presidency on their bravery.  They run a gauntlet everyday as millions of uninformed and apathetic non-voters throw mud at either side.  It appears this election is an upgraded popularity contest of “let’s see who can better make a fool out of the other’s ticket.”  Seriously, all I want to hear is how you can make my life better and the lives of those I care about,  while aligning with those issues important to me.  I don’t care about a Bridge to Nowhere that doesn’t exist.  I don’t care about private family matters.  I don’t care about how sexy or handsome a candidate is in a poll.

I care about whether or not your stances match my stances, and from there, I will make the best decision I can.  Are you doing the same?


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