Happy Foods

After venturing around Oklahoma City today, I convinced Dave it would be a good idea to figure out what is in and around our new neighborhood.  As a non-native resident of OKC, I have no idea where to buy food, clothing, furniture, gasoline, etc.  One thing I have been quick to notice is that there is no large chain of grocery stores, which seems odd, but whatever.

I took out Jill, our Garmin device, and looked up points of interest (grocery stores) near our new address.  I noticed that Happy Foods showed up repeatedly in the list, so I figured that must be the chain of grocery stores I thought the entire state of Oklahoma was completely devoid of up until this point.  I hit the “Go!” button, and off we went, following the directions.

Once we exited the highway, the directions called for an immediate loop to another road.  Not uncommon in this area, roads run along the highways but in one-way directions.  As we rounded the bend, I saw the sign for Happy Foods.

“Hey, look!  There it…” I broke off from my speech as I caught the full glimpse of the store.

It was a gas station quickie mart.

Dave let out a deep bellow.  “Yeah, I bet you’ll be doing all of your shopping there.”

At least I didn’t mistake the Holiday Inn address for a residential address and send us looking for our hotel down some suburban street like Mr. Smarty Pants did the night before!  I blame technology for my mistake! 

After all, Jill did say it was a grocery store!


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