Picking up the pieces

Living with someone for two years has its advantages.  We share a lot of the same thing, so you no longer need to buy two sets of everything.  Which leads to saving money on certain items.  Which leads to being able to afford more with less.  Or something like that.  But, it also has its disadvantages.

In light of moving, we are going to need to go through everything.  Throwing things in boxes to make multiple round trips between two points is a lot easier than packing up everything to transplant two people and one dog into a location several hundred (over a thousand) miles aways. 

1,055 miles to be exact. 

It feels a little overwhelming, but luckily, most of our worldly goods are still sitting in boxes from when we moved into his parent’s house a little over a year and a half ago.  You have no idea how good it feels to know we are moving out.

The pieces I cannot salvage at this point are those that deal with my career.  Just over a week ago I gave them notice that I would be moving by October 1, 2008.  It was terribly difficult to tell people I enjoy working with and for that I was going to quit…with no current work contingency plan in place other than: FIND JOB NOW.  So, all I have been doing in my spare time is applying to jobs.  Lots of jobs.

A lot of people scoff at the fact that I am not engaged or married to the person I am following into the Sooner State.  In the past, I was burned pretty badly when I followed someone to college.  He ended up dumping me just before my Senior Prom (hello, therapists), making it impossible to apply to any other college.  Luckily, I loved where I ended up and that story ends happily ever after.  This time, I know the same to be true.  I have lived with this person for almost two years, and we have stuck together through thick and thin, good times and bad, law school and grad school.  We can survive anything, if you ask me.

Maybe a few pieces will be impossible to pack up and bring with us, but whatever those pieces are worth, they are incomparable to those still to discover, together, out West.


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