Spinach Teeth

I love salads!  Yes, in fact, so much that statement deserves more exclamation points.  Specifically, though, I love salads with spinach because of the enormous benefits of eating it, such as lowering the risk of:

Colon and rectal cancer
Macular degeneration
Heart disease
Memory loss
Alzheimer’s disease
Birth defects

However!  Eating raw (and cooked) spinach releases this annoying little thing called oxalic acid.  The acid combines with your saliva and creates a strange, chalky feeling on your teeth and mouth.  A feeling you cannot seem to remove with the aid of a massive toothbrush (which I do not have at work, so gum must suffice) and ridiculous amounts of toothpaste.

A word to the wise:  if you plan on eating spinach, don’t eat it with milk.  This will REALLY make your mouth feel like you ingested sticks of chalk instead of food.  x 100.  It is nastier than people that wear white socks with black pants.  Yes, that nasty.  Though, I don’t know why people would eat milk with a spinach salad.  That doesn’t sound appealing at all. 

Seriously, if being healthy and maintaining a good lifestyle is important to you, you should eat at least two servings of spinach a week.  It is one of those super-vegetables that have the power to right all that is wrong with you.  Okay, almost everything.  Some things (dull personalities, terrible comedians, wearing white socks with black pants) it cannot fix.


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