Pontoon Problems

Last weekend, my mother and stepfather purchased a brand new SunChaser pontoon boat from a dealership/marina in Lake Wedowee, Alabama.  It is pretty nicely outfitted, too.  So, this weekend, while I am in Georgia visiting them, they decided to take the boat out again, and then return it to Georgia in order to store it within their subdivision.

While we are out on Lake Wedowee, on our return trip back to the marina, I decided to take the helm and drive the boat back.  Even though I have the boat driving at maximum speed (which, right now, is about fifteen miles an hour), the boat feels like it is dragging.  Well, my parents, slightly rusty from the last boat they owned (which was stolen, retrieved by U.S. Marshalls, and then stolen again FROM the U.S. Marshalls), forgot to pull the anchor up.  So, there they are at the front of the boat, in one corner, leaning over the edge trying to pull up the anchor while I am still driving the boat.  All of a sudden, the boat lurches forward toward their corner and water starts spilling into the front of the boat.  I’m still driving, so essentially I am turning the pontoon into a submarine, attempting a ridiculous drive maneuver.  I am in so much shock from the situation I just sit there with my mouth gaping wide-open.

Luckily, my cousing jumps up from next to me and throws back the throttle, causing the back of the boat to drop back into the water.  My uncle is laughing hysterically at me because I just sat there dumbfounded by the entire situation.  For the rest of the day, he teased me about trying to sink the boat.  While I should have stopped the boat when they first tried to retrieve the anchor, my parents should not have stood in one corner and put all of their weight on the very edge of the boat.  On a boat that sits on two large aluminum panels, weight displacement is fairly important to navigation.  However, we managed to aid each other’s destructive habits and almost sink a brand-new $17,000 boat in the middle of a 100-foot lake. 


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