For awhile now, I have had a nice little Internet troll following me around, all the while seeking some sort of reaction to the insults this person sends my way in the form of comments. 

Now, this is funny to me because I don’t write anything particularly interesting.  I have no goals to make ad revenue from talking about the dumb things that happen to me, so I wonder how I attracted a little troll.  I barely even want to blog anymore because so many other exciting and wonderful things occur offline.  That, and I work from a console all day.  I really do not want to spend this beautiful, free summertime sitting in front of the Internet combating trolls.  Or trying to prove something to a bunch of Internet cowards and freak shows that get giggles off baiting stupid, unintelligent comments in order to get an emotional response.

Maybe to some this is taking the bait by actually acknowledging it, but I cannot stand cowards or yellow-bellied sissies.  So, if you want to comment on my blog now, you have to register.  I’m sorry if this poses a problem to readers who find interest in some of the stories I write, but you were never the problem, and your comments have always been poignant and thoughtful.   So, in advance, thank you for taking the time to register as you, you wonderful flower of a person.


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