Did you say “Duck Warden?”

So, excuse me if my blonde is showing, but I just called the county dog warden to tell them we don’t have a dog problem, but rather a duck problem.  Yep.  That’s right.  You read that correctly: a duck problem.  I left them an enthralling message about how I know they aren’t in the duck business, but the county website doesn’t offer any good information on wildlife rescue and I need some ducks rescued pronto.  Actually, they are goslings.  I also corrected myself in this voicemail.  I took about 30 seconds to at least redeem myself after calling them Canadian Geese ducklings to correctly name them goslings.  Yes, dog warden, I know they are goslings, but all I could think about was their yellow baby status and that reminded me of ducklings. 

I finished leaving the message and Dave walked over.  He asked me why I just called the dog warden to leave a message about geese.  I told him why and he laughed at me and said, “why didn’t you just call the Ohio Department of Natural Resources?  What’s the dog warden going to do?”

Why didn’t I think of that two minutes before leaving that damn message?  Well, now I have the phone number for a naturalist.  Tomorrow, when the dog warden hopefully does return my call to rub in what an imbecile I can be, I will recognize the area code and spare myself more humiliation. 


One thought on “Did you say “Duck Warden?”

  1. I think everyone I know calls them “Canadian Geese.” I looked it up to find out if my way was okay, and it says they are commonly called Canadian, but it’s not the orinthologically accepted name. It must be somewhat of a coloquiallism in my area.

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