The Pearl Project

I can feel it.  I can feel it like blood courses through my veins.  I can feel it like a chill down my spine.  I can feel it; something fantastic awaits on the horizon.   I cannot wait to spearhead the change.

Not fifteen minutes after I logged out of my phone and ventured into my boss’s office, an idea sprung from my mind and, suddenly, I had an oyster.  In the land of business strategy, and especially in the land of HP, an oyster is a project that needs to be worked into a pearl, or a tangible, value-adding product/service/etc. 

My oyster just might revolutionize the way we collaborate at work.  Right now, we silo ourselves into our accounts.  We’re “account-centric,” as I like to say.  We don’t do much work together, but we have all the tools and great minds to collaborate.  In the past, no one considered the point of view I will propose to our senior management on Monday.  My boss is behind me, and I absolutely cannot hold back my enthusiasm or excitement for what this could do for our business strategies. 

Suddenly, I understand why I love business as much as I do.  This is what I am meant to do.  I knew I could be a mover and shaker…I just had to find the right idea.


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