Here are a few reasons why I don’t post very often right now:

1. Graduate Programs in Business, aka “Getting my MBA”

  • I have one presentation (today), two research papers, and one exam to go
  • Must attend class still…bummer…
  • Trying to maintain my 4.0…but hoping to keep it at a 3.7, if possible

2. Work

  • I am working on projects “outside” of my normal duties (that would be a big NUN YA to anyone asking) on my own time, usually at home
  • I have 2.5 months until the fiscal year ends, so there is still A LOT to accomplish

3. Fitness

  • Probably sounds silly, but I spend about an extra 5-6 hours from Monday through Thursday working out at the recreation center on campus
  • Losing weight has been a bigger priority over blogging; feeling and looking healthier has better rewards

When May rolls around, most of the current projects will finish.  I am looking forward to a school-free summer, although it does represent a change in my overall plans for school.  Nothing compared to quitting law school (and feeling no more psychosis), but it will be a change.  I am making an effort to blog more, even at 6:30 AM on a Monday when I should be getting ready for work.  Priorities, priorities. 


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