If I can figure out how to get the HTML to work in the text box widget to the right, I may begin to update my blog through random text messages using Twitter.  All those mommy blogs I read do it, so it must be cool..right?  Instead of writing about my three-year old child, which I do not have, I can update everyone about some of the ding-dongs at work or the antics of my dog.  My dog is much cooler, so she will most likely trump.  Though, you cannot discount the stupid human tricks that play out from 9AM – 5PM every. single. day.

Note: If you want to use Twitter on WordPress, use the RSS widget and enter your Twitter RSS feed.  Très facile.


One thought on “Twitter

  1. We “mommy bloggers” are just bored. Trust me. And many of us will do pet updates, and stupid people updates, as well. Enjoy!

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