Lately, my obsession with LinkedIn has gone a little overboard.  The insanity is reminiscent of when I discovered Facebook and perpetually sought ought my three-hundred odd acquaintances and five good friends.  I might as well be honest about the status of my relationships.

I actually discussed this topic with my boss today and explained to him that I have always maintained a large stock of acquaintances, but very few close friends.  He felt the same way in his own life.  I could probably name five on one hand, and two would be my mother and my sister.  The close friends, with exception to a few, have rotated in and out of acquaintanceship depending on time and distance.  The same story probably reads the same for many others.  It is too hard to maintain most deep friendships due to time, self-interest, and proximity.  Luckily, the Internet kindly defers proximity for the want of actual, face-to-face contact.  With each click, you are one website closer to friends in frozen images.

I like networking websites, particularly LinkedIn, because it showcases your talents without needing a resume due to your associations.  Some people have already remarked that this makes me superficial in some sense, but when you get down to it, it is very much all about who you know in life that gets you where you are.  I build good relationships based on mutual respect, perseverance, and a common goal.  I work hard to play hard, and those I work with are important to the game.  In the end, we are all really quite self-centered because we’ve all got our own agendas to live out.  LinkedIn makes the game just a little easier.


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