In trying to figure out what size I might currently wear, which seems to be somewhere between a size six and a size eight, I find myself in the middle of an identity crisis.

At my last measurement, I found myself with a  30-inch waistline.  When I look at online conversion charts, this places me in the range of a size 12 to 14.  But I can barely keep my size eight pants around my waist (my belt is on the last notch, people)!  I measure at my natural waist…so should I suck in harder? 

My complaint is this: why was it so easy to standardize for men (with very little wiggle room, though there is still some, in sizing), but I range from petite to large in just one view of a conversion chart?  I jump from a 34″ rib cage to a 40″ hip circumference and find that I should be a small on top, but an extra large on the bottom?  When in reality, I wear something mildly inbetween?  WTF, internet!  Your online conversion charts rob me of my weight loss satisfaction.  Please standardize for my sanity, and the sanity of other women.

Note:  I know that over time, sizes adjusted to the population.  I like to think of it as “waistline inflation.”  But, to me, I do not think I look overweight, even though the conversion charts point me in that direction.  I still need to lose weight, but I am not carrying around yesterday’s ten ham sandwiches in my back pocket.  I am three inches above the five foot depth in the pool, so a change for me is going to be much more dramatic, in most cases, than the Amazon in my Accounting class.  Keep it in perspective; I know how this topic hits home to some women.


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