little black cloud

I knew today was not going to be my day when I applied lotion to my right leg and realized I did not shave it.  Oh, I shaved my left leg, yes, but definitely not my right leg. 

While trying to enter the highway, two cars that appeared to have slid off the side of the road took up the right burm.  The two cars in front of me hit their breaks.  I was about 100 feet behind them, and when I tried to slow down and move left to give the people standing in the road room to not get hit by a car, I end up doing a 180 and facing oncoming ramp traffic.  A bus was headed right for me and I almost choked on my heart when I thought it might slide on the same patch of black ice and hit me.  It did not.  That incident shook me to the core.

Two people were not at work today: one sick, one out on business.  Our intern is not there on Thursdays.  So, the entire day chaos ruled because there was no one in charge and God-forbid anyone actually just be an adult, work, and forget the blatant antagonizing of their coworkers.

At work, someone who always has an attitude with everyone because they are the worst know-it-all I have ever known was a total beyotch to me at about 9:00AM.  We joke that we support workplace violence (we really do not), but I almost took it seriously after the way my morning already started.

However, around 2:00 in the afternoon, I received an e-mail from my boss stating we won the Supplier of the Year award from the corporation for which we work.  To receive that award is a huge honor, especially after the hardship we overcame this time last year when we lost a part of the business and received horrible reviews from the customer.  It is amazing to think about how much changed in one year’s time. 

So, while the little black cloud loomed over me from the moment I woke up, the sunshine decided to spread a little warmth by the end of the day.


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