State of the Union

If there is one thing I respect, whether the respect is earned or forced, it is a difference of opinion.  Without getting into a political debate encircling the topic “my party is better than your party,” I want to make one statement about the State of the Union.

If you oppose the President of the United States, as the majority of Congress does, then you are exercising your rights of free speech, guaranteed to you by the blood shed of the Revolution, the long hours by candlelight of the Founding Fathers, and the words etched into the parchment of the Declaration of Independence.  We the people, we relish in our freedom to backlash and tongue-whip those we oppose politically.  That is our right, and may we always be free to voice our opinions.

However, I ask one simple favor of my fellow Americans, especially those Democrats representing a great win from two years ago.  When the President of the United States speaks to you about his vision and his policies for his last year in office, have the decency to pay attention.  Have the audacity to keep your eyes open (that goes for members of both parties).  Have the vision enough to clap when he preaches his economic development plans for 2008.  When the President of the United States demands your attention for two hours of you measely work schedule, you lackluster fools, have the civility to actually listen.  The same should be cross-applied to Republicans if a Democratic candidate should win in this election year. 

Have American politics slumped to such a level that we can no longer bear the two-hour ordeal awake?  Perhaps it is time for a revolutionary change in the way politics parlay in American society. 


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