This morning, I stepped on the scale and I weighed five (!!!) pounds less than I did on January 9th.  After just under two weeks of intense physical workouts (four hours of cardio, one hour of yoga) and monitoring my diet through The Daily Plate, I am seeing some change on the scale.  A scale I determined only moved in upwardly directions when it came to weight measurement.  That scale finally tipped in the other direction.

It took me approximately one year to get to this point.  A point at which I finally decided to change the lackluster attitude in my head about what it meant to get physically active.  I still hate running, that will likely never change, but I definitely love my aerobics classes.  Yoga is great for strength and balance, along with untwisting the tension that builds each week in my neck, shoulders, and back.  The most gratifying moment comes during my aerobics classes when I keep up with the real athletes and I notice some of the skinny, Barbie-type girls slump over from exhaustion.  People who look stronger and in better shape struggle to perform the same exercises.  I am sure that if they continue they will surpass my efforts, but I am working hard to keep up with the pace.

As for eating, not much as changed in the last year.  I unintentionally cut more sugar out of my diet since I quit drinking pop when I felt thirsty.  Since dehydration moonlights as hunger pangs, I increased my water intake to battle the need to snack or eat outside of planned meals.  If I feel like drinking a Coke Zero, maybe I will, but I feel no inclination thus far.  Water feels better and more refreshing anyway.

My point is this: until you wrap your mind around the concept of change, and exactly what the change will entail, you will never be ready to make that change.  This physical and mental change causes discomfort.  I feel sore after every workout (I am sore in the arms today from last night’s strength training and my neck is stiff, too).  I feel hunger pangs all day, long before my next meal.  I sometimes wish a workout day magically transformed into an off day.  I sometimes want to abandon the efforts entirely.  But it is a day like today that reinforces just how much this change is worth to me and just how badly I want to succeed.


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