Too far?

While working out last night at the recreation center on campus, I suddenly became nauseated in class while doing crunches.  I sat up, tried to breathe slowly, and regroup my senses, but my body would not have it.  My head spun and my stomach turned.  I stood up while everyone else crunched away, and wobbled to the bathroom. 

I barely made it through the door before I threw up into a trashcan.  Luckily, no other women occupied the area, otherwise I might have suffered a ridiculous amount of embarrassment.  Seriously, who works out so hard they throw up?  Is that even normal?  When I mentioned it to Dave, he determined I must be sick with some tinge of an illness.  But, I dismissed this opinion, per usual, which aggravated Dave, because I knew runners in the past that have run so hard they have thrown up during their run.

This evening, when I felt like the world turned upside and stomped on my stomach, sloshing all the internal acids around, I was one hour and 45 minutes into my yoga plus aerobics routine for the day.  I pushed myself to the brink of my current physical limits and I broke down.  Or, at least that is how the whole situation felt in retrospect.  I took pride in the effort, but felt a little weak for the whole puking-into-a-trashcan incident.  I sometimes think my wants trump my needs, and these are the sorts of situations in which I find myself when that happens. 

* Edit:

Based on information Dave provided in my comments, I checked out the article he suggested.  I honestly think it was a mixture of dehydration and heat exhaustion.  Though I drank well over eight glasses of water yesterday, I sweat it out between the yoga and the cardio/kickboxing/abdominal routine.  This class, which began at 7:15 PM, occurred almost 7 hours after I consumed my lunch of the day, which consited of maybe 300 calories.  It sounds like the recommendation of the doctor is the one I need to follow: I need to drink sports drinks before, during, and after the cardio routine.  My fitness schedule is not so intense other than Tuesdays, so water will probably suffice the rest of the time.


3 thoughts on “Too far?

  1. I talked to JB about this last night actually, and i have researched it today for you. Here is the consensus:

    There is currently no proven evidence that exercising ‘too hard’ will make you vomit… the flu, on the other hand, will. It is most likely an indication that you are either ‘sick’ or doing something ‘wrong’. JB said that it can be a result of a sudden drop of sodium in the blood brought on by sweating… this article seems to agree with that, so you may not be drinking enough fluids.

    In any case, the point is that either you were slightly ill or that this could be prevented through eating and hydrating properly.

    Oh yeah, add me to your blogroll.

  2. yeah i’m at general. i edited your comment so it had less descriptors.

    you should try vitamin water over gatorade. has less sugar but still some for energy

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