Little Lessons in Driving

Ohio drivers, you and me, we have a score to settle.  Every morning, on our way into work, we encounter the same school bus in the same little township on the same four-lane highway.  And every morning, you all stop when the school bus is heading in the opposite direction  on the opposite side of the road.  Please discontinue this stopping madness.  I beg of you to cease; your behavior is literally driving me crazy and turning me into a foaming-at-the-mouth, rage-of-the-soccer-moms driver.  

Consider this: who in their right mind is going to have their child cross four lanes of highway traffic?  What school district is going to ask school-aged children to skip across the pavement in front of four rows of traffic, ready and raring to continue on their drives?


It is completely unsafe to expect people to cross their children in such a dangerous situation.  I understand you think you are doing something morally or ethically better than everyone else, whatever makes you feel better at night, but you’re wrong Wrong WRONG!  It clearly has become such a terrible nuisance that other townships and cities now post signs on the sides of other four-lane highways proclaiming it BAD to do this!  You disrupt the flow of traffic.  You make me late for work.  You piss other smart, savvy drivers off and are the cause of road rage!  Do yourselves a favor: review your Driver’s Ed manuals.

So, please, keep the hammer down, and keep moving! 


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