This post strikes a chord with me

Today, Dave and I ventured to Best Buy armed with almost $200 in gift cards to purchase Guitar Hero II and III for his brand new XBox 360.  Once home, the rest of the day was almost entirely dedicated to playing the game, save walking the dog and few other things.  My hands and arms have never hurt so much from playing a video game for so long. 

However, my pain has taught me one thing.  If there is one thing I can appreciate now, it is the true complexity that underlies so much of rock music.  No, not the millions of gamers that drool over this game and spend countless hours perfecting their button-mashing skills, but the actual musicians that wrote and performed the songs that make games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band available.  These are the people worth noting.  Dave and I are completely stuck on a song by Muse that is chock full of triplets in hyper speed.  We cannot beat the song – and the song by Muse is easy compared to the song by Metallica.  I completely understand why some musicians are very protective of their creativity and others not so much.

I would still recommend attempting to learn the guitar, not the x-plorer or the wireless Les Paul, but perhaps a real Gibson.   Something made of wood and whose tone resonates deep within an amp and shakes the very foundations of buildings.  There is something extraordinary behind creating music, and too many people get excited over games that teach you nothing.  This is not to say that Guitar Hero is not a fun game, but perhaps it would be smart to encourage the development of a real skill, something valuable to reality and perhaps your own personal development.  Dave urges me to learn the guitar, and in the past I have always been wary of dedicating my time to an instrument.  But, after playing a little bit of Guitar Hero, it makes me want to try something new…and something real.  Luckily, I already live with a fantastic musician – one that won’t charge me for lessons…anymore.


2 thoughts on “This post strikes a chord with me

  1. Welcome to the party! Better late than never. You think Rush and Metallica are hard? Wait until you see Dragonforce. Though playing fast does not necessarily mean you are good.

    While learning a real guitar is great, sometimes you don’t want to. Playing an instrument takes lots of practice and patience. Sometimes, you just want to rock out for a little while without having to put in the years it takes to get that good.

    And actually with Rock Band, if you can play drums on Expert, chances are you could play a real set of drums if you wanted to.

    Rick and I play under Rick’s Xbox Live handle “Rick Gebhardt” Add us and we can battle sometime!

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