Sticks and Stones

Today, someone asked me through my comments, “Can you be any more of an airhead?”  Well,, if that is really you, yes’m, I can.  But the real question is, “Can you be any more of a coward?” 

There is nothing more yellow than an internet bully.  It is easy to jab at another when you sit behind a computer screen and tongue lash through your hands.  What competency!  What character!  Can you please send me your home address so I may include you on my Christmas card list?

The internet is not only a great resource for discovering the world around you, but also a great place to berate and belittle others.  Generated from free range and little censure, internet bullies grew quickly in online social networks and forums.  These sissies prey on any target because the ideology, conscious or not, is that people fear what they cannot see or understand.  In this instance, some gutless wonders of the internet decided that because I desire an aesthetically pleasing set of initials for letterhead someday, I must lack intelligence.  Perhaps he could have called my writing lackluster or my topics disinteresting.  But, then, perhaps he did not understand the desperation I faced in trying to come up with content – any content – for thirty fucking days!  However, Hector, I do not fear you.  I pity you and the plethora of knaves that scour the internet in hopes of disparaging unsuspecting victims.  While I admit it is probably more fun to harass others than play World of Warcraft all day, it really advances nothing in society.  I suggest investment banking if you are seeking to be more productive.

While the internet is entitled to its opinion, the surfers of the web ought to formulate a decent opinion if planning to insult an anonymous blogger.  In the very least, give me a better reason to feel stupid.  Instead, you gave me a reason to write about a topic I wanted to tackle for awhile.  In the future, if you do not want your ass kicked through words on the internet, remember: “writing well is the best revenge.” 


2 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones

  1. At least their reading it…what more can you really ask for? If nothing else he just told you he wasted 5 minutes of his life reading the opinion of an airhead, so whos the real airhead?

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