Day Thirty: The End. Sort of.

NaBloPoMo ends today!

Well, when you really think of it, I could make it NaBloPoYe. National Blog Posting Year. Post everyday and my prize will be…a nice, big pat on the back! Hooray. Actually, it has felt good to try to dig down into the depths of my head to think of something to write. Ever since I graduated from college and have focused on pursuing my career in transportation and logistics, I felt that my creative writing skills fell off their bandwagon and took to the tequila shots again. For a long time, I lacked inspiration. I lacked incentive. I lacked a lot because my brain needed to back out of overachievement mode. Working hard has paid off monetarily, but as for my sanity, well, that left long ago.

Writing every day allowed me to express whatever was in my head, even if I had to write topics down in a notebook to prevent myself from complaining about work everyday. I like my job, for the most part, so I would probably complain about people. And that gets old fairly fast, especially to my friends at work who have to hear about it from me there and then read it here. I would be pissed at me if I were them and had to read all about work all over again.

I want to keep writing on a more regular basis, so I think I am going to look for the perfect idea notebook to write down inspirations, funny remarks, and notes to remind myself to post pretty pictures. I bought a fancy camera I need to use for something.

So, here is to an entire month – thirty whole days and thirty-one posts – of blogging my heart out on the web. And here is to many more months just like this one!


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