Day Twenty-Nine

Have you ever seen the movie The Fifth Element?  There is a scene in the movie where the female protagonist is learning everything there is to know about the Earth, its inhabitants, its cultures, and more.  It is all of the information in existence regarding the planet to date, stored in something about the size of a Sony PSP.  The device rapidly flips through information, and as her eyes flit about, and while staring at the new pictures, you can tell she is engrossed in learning.  Within a few hours, she learns everything.

For Christmas, I wish Santa would place one of these fabulous devices under one of our Christmas trees (either one, we have two in this house) so that I may skip having to attend school and truly know it all.  It would be nice to know ahead of time that the corn salsa at Chipotle is of medium heat and not mild heat before walking into the restaurant with Dave.  I could avoid many “I told you so’s” in the future.

And skip the rest of my education. 


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