Day Twenty-Seven, Part Deux

This whole idea of moving to Seattle is such a large, complex idea, that sometimes I do not have room in my brain (especially at work) to even consider some of the things I have not thought of regarding the move, yet.  Specifically, will this move change me?

I am midwestern born-and-bred.  So is Dave.  We’ve been raised on corn and grains, eat red meats, and do all those things other midwestern people do.  We talk like people talk on the television, except for me, I talk like an idiot with my weird northern-cities vowel shift.  When I tell people I suffer from the northern-cities vowel shift, they laugh at me.  No, it is not some fictious disease, it does exist, but only spoken in the language of Speech Pathologists and Linguists.  Believe me, I have seen both for this shift and my almost-incoherent lisp; I was bound to discover its existence.

Anyway.  I wonder if we will change.  We will live in the birthplace of grunge and Starbucks.  Mountains will be visible from wherever we live.  And we will live near an ocean!  I have never lived near an ocean – always visited the Atlantic, once the Pacific, and now I will live near that and all the whale-watching vessels and Alaskan cruise ships one could want to be near.  I always picture people that live on the Pacific coast to be so much more greener than me.  I envision electric cars and lots of bicycles with big stickers that hate on Bush.  That is another thing!  I am a Republican!  Will I have to be a Democrat?  Are there even other Republicans in Seattle?  See what I mean?!  

Really, when it all comes down to the nitty-gritty, I want to make this move, regardless of whatever change may come.  I want to be with Dave, our relationship unwavering.  And I want to call this our adventure, full of any change. 


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