Day Twenty-Six

I have five more days, including this one, to post blogs every day of the month for NaBloPoMo.  It has been quite the month.  I have never posted every single day of the month in any other month prior to this month, and with everything that happened this month, I sometimes wonder why I feel like I never post anything of substance.  It always feels bland.  And very blah.

However, it has also felt very liberating to get some of that blah into word form and out of emotional form, stuck in my head, leaving it throbbing and ready to explode.  It is a good therapy for me, this writing thing.  What I cannot say out loud, I can write, under my little pseudonym, with almost complete anonymity.  That is, unless you know me, which eliminates any chance of hiding anything from you people.  But, I digress.  It feels good to expound on a plethora of topics, unrelated or not. 

There is nothing quite like a light, easy conscious.  Writing helps lift the heavy things off my shoulders and out of my head.


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