Day Twenty-Three

Today is Black Friday, the day when U.S. retail companies fall into the black out of the red.

Last year was my first year rising before dawn thought about breaking light, and I had a decent experience, so this year, I decided I would brave the sales to purchase gifts for my family again.  Last year I arrived for the 6 AM opening at Kohl’s, the  lights in the lot buzzing, newly ignited under the dark sky.  This year, they opened at 4 AM.  A whole two hours earlier than normal.  At about 3:30 this morning, I shuffled to my car in my favorite fleece track pants and zip-up jacket.  It was heavily snowing at this point in the morning, so it actually felt like Christmas was just around the corner.  When I arrived, I stood in line and waited with the masses.  But, let me tell you world, when those doors opened, I shopped like the best of them.  I bought bargain after bargain, and checked off all the gifts on my list.  I made it through three stores in four hours (Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Target) and only waited one hour total in lines.  I professionally shopped.

Now, as I stash my treasures, hidden in their nooks, I am really looking forward to a fun, rewarding holiday season, not filled with last-minute purchases and anxiety.


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