Day Twenty

Tuesday Purge

1. Why is this taste bud sore and red and painful on the tip of my tongue? This is not a canker sore. This is the wrath of God contained into a bud the size of a pin needle, quite literally now enlarged to the size of a…bigger pin needle. It is so annoying I want to chomp off the tip of my tongue to have something more convenient to ache about. Because who seriously wants to listen to me complain about my poor, sore tongue? The people who don’t want to hear me love on my main man McCain.

2. Someone at work told this other person at work that he was going to “drop the kids off at the pool” while entering the bathroom. Said second person decided this was the MOST-FUCKING-HILARIOUS THING ON THE PLANET. He spread the word throughout the building, repeating it constantly to whoever would listen. I am gravely serious when I say this went on for two days. Until today when it was mentioned that no one wanted to hear it anymore. I wish with all my heart, this person would learn some common sense and learn to have an inner monologue to control his lack of social personality. But, that will not happen because that feat is quite possibly the most impossible event that could happen. Dinosaurs will dig themselves from their graves, grow back their flesh, and roam the planet freely before what I wish would happen happens.

3. On a more personal note, I wish my parents, now living in Atlanta, would choose to plan their destination holiday vacation in Ohio and not Florida, so that I do not have to feel left out when certain children receive free trips and other certain children do not. It matters not that I would not want to go if it meant shacking up with everyone in the same stale set of rooms for seven days. It is the sadness produced from feeling abandoned around the holidays, especially by your own mother, who does not seem to consider that she alienates her own children to gain the affections of other children that do not appreciate her, or so it never seems they do. I packed boxes and helped with the move, but I am left at home to wonder when my mother will make an effort to see us, again, someday. The stark realization of the situation is that I do not think she even considers that she hurts my feelings when she chooses them over us. We have been with her longer, and we are her blood. What about us? What happened to us?

4. Why did 114 people visit my blog today?


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