Day Nineteen

I received another email from John McCain’s campaign today.  I know most of my readers would rather hear me complain about the weird taste bud sore on the tip of my tongue than listen to me gush about how I have a crush on a seventy-odd year old man running for the Republican ticket, and thereby running for POTUS.

BUUUUT….I cannot help that I am a giant, Republican nerd.   That is me.

Every time I see an email from the people working on the campaign, they are personal emails written to me.  I know it is personal, well, I keep crossing my fingers that these are personal emails, because the senders are very informal, there are no embedded images for Gmail to refuse to show without my permission, and I have a rockin’ instinct.  That last part I made up to sound interesting.  Really, though, they just seem too real to be fake.  Which, after I think about it, might mean someone is pulling a joke on me.  Grr, if so!

Anyway.  The gist of what I am trying to say is that I am really excited about this opportunity.  I have always wanted to work on a campaign.  One time in college I stood in the rain handing out Republican slates to old people voting in a well-to-do Columbus suburb and an old lady yelled at me for trying to hand her one.  That has nothing to do with this story other than to say that Democrats cannot discourage me.  So don’t you try, you liberal heathens!

I want to note I have plenty of liberal friends that I like, so that previous comment is sarcasm.

Sort of.

Okay, it was.  Promise.

But really, can you blame me for wanting to be apart of something so much bigger than me that it makes my insides bubble with so much anticipation that the slightest shake could make me explode?!  I feel like a fantastic bottle of champagne on the inside – my enthusiasm waiting and wanting to explode.


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