Day Sixteen

On our way home from a Cleveland Cavaliers’ basketball game, we somehow changed our topic of conversation from witnessing a hometown win to engagement rings. I wish I could recall the tangent, but it escapes me. At least we avoided discussing drunken elephants in Africa.

In the past, Dave’s mom liked to show Dave engagement rings in magazines.  Specifically, she liked to show Dave rings from Sam’s Club ads.  When she would show him the ads he would ask her if she was planning on getting married.  She would admonish him for not thinking of the future, but really, he was being realistic.

I have a good feeling that Dave will someday ask me to marry him, but not until he has a real job outside of Graduate School and we have established ourselves financially.  That could take a long time due to my student loans.  However, when we discuss the idea of marriage and children down the line, it is not met with resistance.  He actively participates in the conversation, rather than shrugging off the details and promising long talks later.   He is comfortable with our future forecast.

And because of that, I am comfortable with the status quo.  Every once in a while, thought, the inner giddy-wedding planner wrangles me to the floor and spoon feeds me information from the  And I savor each spoonful.  But, when reality sinks in and my dreams of taffeta and organza fade, I know where my relationship with Dave stands.  I am comfortable with my status as best friend and girlfriend.  For now, the titles suit me.  For now, I like our situation.  We wear our relationship like an old, warm sweatshirt that fits perfectly – and that is just fine with me.


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