Day Twelve

Sometimes, it seems as though my life is in limbo.  I am in a perpetual state of waiting.  Before my next move, an invisible mom-hand stretches across my chest and whiplashes me back, preventing me from walking into the future.  Wait, the gesture implies, something else must happen first.  What must happen first?  I must complete an MBA program.  You must have more relevant experience.  We must re-evaluate the circumstances.  The unfriendly synonyms of “wait” continue to prod me to stay back; do not pass go.  Do not experience life as chance beckons, but wait for the good things to come.  Wait. Wait. Wait.

I have an immediate chance to work in one of John McCain’s headquarters.  They liked my education.  They liked my experiences.  They liked me under all the circumstances.   But…I have to wait.  The timing is always wrong.  And maybe that is what is right about the whole situation.  It is all wrong for right now.


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