Day Nine

Relationships in a Paragraph

1. I saw you in the smoke-filtered light of a bar.  You didn’t have a strong jaw, but you had a rough personality that drew me in immediately.  You looked at me from behind the pool table light as I danced in circles and lines across the floor.  You walked with an air of arrogance toward me once the song ended and I stood with my hands on my knees, taking a deep breath and short break.  As we danced, you held me close for someone who had met me in the previous moment.  There was desperation in our steps and a longing in our glances.  I smelled like sweat and roses.   You smelled like a barn and musk.  We would have more moments like this one, but neither of us would ever remember each other’s names.  We were convenient for each other.

2. You sat across from me in a bar.  We were in our normal booth, but without the normal crowd of close friends.  I should not have been there with you.  Someone else was waiting for me.  Your leg skimmed mine under the table, and through a haze of alcohol, I realized you were seducing me.  As I became more drunk on the lust than on the grain, I lost control.  I made a mistake that cold, wet night, being there with you, and I paid for it in two years of tears and heartbreak.   

3. I watched you walk up the concrete path.  Snow was falling all around us – the same way you imagine life to look like in a globe.  It was a cold night, but it felt good to be out under the bright lights.  You looked so different to me there than you did years ago when we first met.  I was more nervous about skiing than about being around you.  You made me laugh and you laughed at my stupid jokes.  We treated each other like old friends sharing a new adventure.  I looked forward to every lift ride, hoping it would stop to help a lackluster skier master the bench, just so I could extend our time together.  When the night came to a close and the lights to be turned off on the slopes, I knew I wanted to see you again and again.  It was a strong sense of a future together that stirred between us, both when we were least expecting it.  Almost two years later, I still smile when I think of that snow-globe night.


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