Day Five

A Monday Moan:

I absolutely despise people that refuse to ask for help, especially at work.  The job I do requires joint efforts and teamwork to solve complex transportation and supply chain problems.  OK, maybe these problems are not life-threatening, but they require thought, sometimes a lot more than many expected.  Every day I have to ask for help or clarification or explanations about things I do not understand in the transportation industry.  And I never blink an eye about asking the question because I am unafraid to show I might not know an answer and need some help.

At this point, I need to point out this is only at work.  Dave would happily provide instances where I staunchly refuse to take help and conclude that my way is the highway, so you better get driving.

Anyway.  There are plenty of people in my office – and across the globe – that absolutely refuse to ask for aid. Big deal, that is something every management team must face and is not usually a crisis.  Unless you work in our office. It is so bad that it gets to the point that people will undermine what is correctly taught or explained to make themselves appear right or knowledgeable about a topic.  The action is so immature that you cannot get upset at the result (fixable) but more the time and effort someone puts into sabotaging another person (harder to fix complexes).  All this in the name of being right in their mind – but wrong in the present.   If a person has to sabotage the efforts of and malign another, there is a serious self-esteem problem with the employee – and it is not an inflated ego, but the lack thereof that causes people to belittle and back-stab.  Those are passive actions to ruin and disparage the character of another.  A better person would confront.

And that is just the problem, these people think they are better, but in truth, they are cowards.  Therefore, my moan is that I wish the cowards would stand up and address their issues, instead of hiding behind biting remarks in instant messages and e-mail.  Technology is no armor for the bully, rather, it is the weapon of the weak.


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