Put a fork in ‘er

My new favorite game revolves around my lunches.  As of late, I have become sincerely obsessed with stuffing my face with carrots and cantaloupe.  Today, I also indulged in some cauliflower (I would like to note that I just burped and it smelled like cauliflower, too…charming, right?).  I have been eating at least one cup of baby carrots and one cup of cantaloupe with lunch each day since last Thursday.  I like to call this newfangled game “How Fast Can I Bloat?”   Answer: about 20 minutes is all it takes.

This is actually my next gung-ho technique to lose weight.  I am not dieting.  I want you to know that.  I am eating a shit-ton of food each day, but instead of it being french fries, it is in the form of low-fat vegetables.  My meals now sing with vitamins! Minerals! Orange-colored goodness!  It was not completely intentional to eat only orange-colored goodies, but the baby carrots come in the preferred state of snacking and the cantaloupe will not last much longer in this season.  I had to take advantage of the BOGO on my favorite summer fruit.

Continuing this trend, I have been walking the dog for 45 minutes a night, and have increased my regiment to attending fitness classes at the university and hobbling on the elliptical machines.  In fact, last night, the balance ball ab workout kicked my ass.  I looked utterly ridiculous, so it better start to pay off in the next six weeks.

Pretty please, Body, this time lose weight.


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