Three Thoughts on the MTV VMAs

1.  Britney Spears’ “comeback” performance stunk.  I was mortified for her.  She looked like a strung-out zombie whose lip-syncing career was ending in front of her eyes.  It just may have in those moments.

2.  Justin Timberlake, I thank you for pointing out what many rational, intelligent human beings have been thinking for the last decade: “Play more videos!”  Absolutely correct!  I loved, especially, that he said it with the three bimbos from the reality show “The Hills” on stage with him.  How trite and perfect!

3.  I hate MTV programming.   I watched one and a half hours of the VMAs this year – which I should note was the first time in a very long time.  I felt as though I were watching a car accident.  I could not peel my eyes away from the awfulness of the entire program.  Yuck.


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