Quotable Quotes

From my mom and sister’s birthday dinner this evening:

“Uhm, actually, forget about it.  I don’t want anything on my salad.  I just want plain lettuce.  Can I have plain lettuce?”  Paula, my sister, pauses after she has just tried to combine two salads into her own concoction and confuse the hell out of the waitress.  “And, uhmmmm, with dressing on the side?”

Josh, sitting next to Paula, speaks, “she needs to feed her rabbit under the table.”

From the same dinner, once again, Paula shines:

“Do you know why I love Italian restaurants?  Because you can do this!”  Paula proceeds to move her pasta around on her plate, covering all the bare spots.  “Look!  Now, it looks like I haven’t even started eating.  I love that!”

Josh, looking at her plate, “Yes, just in case you need to deceive the waitress.  As if you haven’t confused her enough tonight.”


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