One of my major pet peeves revolves around gift registries for weddings and baby showers.  I do not mind purchasing from gift registries because it allows me to be useful to someone else by providing them with something they want and need.  As you grow older the second toughest decision, just behind purchasing a home, is attempting to purchase a gift for someone.  A gift registry takes away that pain and agony.

People that stray from the registry list annoy me.  If someone says they want this particular stroller that matches a particular car seat and diaper bag, why do people think it is perfectly fine to get what they want for the person.  The long-lost purpose of wedding and shower gifts were to help the newly-formed family afford to start their lives and have children.  Though the traditional idea lies beneath today’s concepts, there is no faux pas is asking for something in particular.  Tastes range and I know that first hand.  I once purchased a gift not on the registry and my friend, the groom, asked me why.  When I told him that I did not like what he and his bride-to-be had chosen, his dismay changed my mind entirely.  “But that’s not what we need and it is not what we like,” he explained to me.  Sure, some people might find this rude, but it was my wake up call.

What he said was exactly right: if you ask a person what they want as a gift and they tell you the item down to the SKU, perhaps you should purchase what they want.  Just because your taste is not inline with theirs does not give you the right to tell them what they should like and what they should not, especially when you essentially asked to purchase them a gift.  Had they given you an ambiguous shrug and brushed off the question, sure, buy what you please.  However, in this case, there is a predefined list from which to buy.  Next time, stick to the list.


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