Pork Chop

Dave recently decided that Aries has an alter-ego named Pork Chop. Pork Chop is not a nice dog. In fact, Pork Chop eats my underwear, thrashes blankets in response to not being given what she wants, and bites Dave’s limbs when he won’t throw the ball after her barks demanded such. Pork Chop does not bite me. Pork Chop surfaces at least once a day in order to terrorize our lives.

Usually, though, Aries is sweet and playful. Pork Chop is probably her response to not being allowed to run rampant across the neighborhood or eat bones and pig ears all day. Despite how god-awful her owners appear (who doesn’t let their neutered pets roam the countryside?), Aries is allowed to run all over the furniture – she’s too fast to stop – and she eats treats all. the. time. Her dog’s life leaves nothing to want – she’s got it all, whether she barks about it or not.


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