The Quiet Life of this Bee

Life is good, but busy. In the past two weeks I have received a promotion (salaried!), a raise, and started my summer semester of Property I and II.  I am swamped.

So here is a brief overview of what I have been thinking about:

1.  I wish bathroom stalls had “vacant” or “in use” notices on them – like on port-o-potties – that allow incoming users to know whether or not someone was in the stall.  Because really?  Who wants to peek through the cracks to check if Suzy Jones from accounting’s drawers are dropped behind the hiney hiders?

2.  Weight loss is stagnant.  Always stagnant.   I think I could run an ultra marathon every other week and my scale would laugh at me in the same deprecating tone.  Oh sure, I have lost inches from my little spare tire, but just because the treads are gone does not make it better.

3.  There needs to be a revisit to statutory rape laws nationwide.  Because this and this are examples of incidents where the statute is not protecting what the legislators intended.  Sex is a prevalent theme in society and quite necessary to the perpetuation of life.  Punishing children and naming them sexual offenders when consent was in the hands of all party to the incident creates a legal quagmire that the country needs to solve.  There is a better way to deal with sexual promiscuity in teenagers than labeling them sexual offenders for the rest of their lives.

4.  I am really happy summer has rolled around.  Nothing makes me happier, lately, than gazing at my vegetables each evening and noting their growth.  Who knew plants could make someone feel more responsible?

That is all for now.


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