A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Running is becoming an obsession of mine.  I miss it when a day lapses when I should run and I have not.  I can tell when I am lacking in endorphins.  My mood drastically switches from happy-go-lucky Rachel to GET. THE. HELL. AWAY. FROM. ME. RACHEL.  Even now, sitting at this computer, I want to throw my tennis shoes back on and sprint to the end of the road.  And then sprint back.  It is a sweet craving, the likes of which I have only known with chocolate.

I never in my life thought I would compare chocolate to running.

But so things change… I have also noticed that a slight tingle has developed on the inside of my left leg, lower between the shin and Achilles tendon.  It is slight, pulsating and make me neurotic.  As if there was far to go with that.  My sister-doctor suggested Ibuprofen, but I cannot imagine how a pill is going to help.  Pills help with muscle pain and head aches, not nerve-pulsating annoyances.

But I am not a doctor, so I have no room to talk, I guess.

My stride is elongating and my pace quickens with each run.  I actually look forward to the physical exertion and the challenge of running.  Yesterday, when Dave said I should take a day off today, with both of us thinking my tendon pain was posterior compartmental syndrome, I almost cried.  Not due to the thought of injury, but to the thought of missing running.  It has become so integral to how I breathe, think, and am.  I cannot imagine stopping now.


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