No Pain, No…Pain!!!

I reside within an extra sensitive to pain body.  The slightest cramp or muscle ache will send me reeling into minor meltdowns and hissy fits usually.  If I stub my toe, I pout for five times longer after the pain subsides.  I get extra frustrated when something “hurts” and won’t stop “hurting.”  I suppose this makes me more of a wimp than sensitive, but I would like to believe it is out of my own physical and mental control.

This would lead one to question why the hell I have started running.  First, I loathe running.  It is boring and the only person I am racing is my slow ass up the hill because everyone else beat me to the point.  Second, it makes my ankle hurt (reoccuring theme: now!).  If my ankle begins to hurt, you can cue in leg, calf, arch, face, nose, ears, eyeballs, etc.  The list elongates as my stride shortens.  Third, I have no one to chat with because a.) everyone is faster as aforementioned and b.) I cannot pace my breathing well enough at this stage to even try to talk between heeeeehuuuuheeeeehuuuuuh.  And what is with this breathe in the nose and out the mouth detail?  I cannot do this.  I am either a life-long mouth breather or, as I believe, it hurts.  And feels funny.  And it’s kinda cold.  This is May.  There should be no reason for my nostrils to feel cold inside.  Also, lastly, I do not think I have mentioned this yet, but, it hurts.

And while most people would be turned off by such complaints, I fear I must divulge that I have a dark, masochistic side that is pretty much envious of my sister’s little ankles.  Those ankles don’t look like they hurt ever.  So, I will run (and sometimes power walk – which also is ridiculous looking), in the hopes of attaining little ankles.  I do not have large ankles, per se, but I would like size 2 pants ankles.  If that makes sense, congratulations.

Anyway, I plan to update my mileage each week.  It might make me want to run some more.  Or, if it’s anything like Contracts, I will plain old want to avoid it.  We shall see.


One thought on “No Pain, No…Pain!!!

  1. waa waa 😀

    one thing i might forewarn you of: your appetite should increase, as in, you’ll get hungry more often. Just be careful to not overeat during these times – it’s just proof that you’re uping your metabolism.

    Also – On monday, I’m bringing my cloth tape measure. We’ll do that business weekly. Also, you should only weigh yourself once a week, in the morning, sans clothes.

    k bye.

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