The Intolerant Tolerants

The media slowly spins each thread of news into webs of stories, construing the direction and the topic to fit the current national hunger. We have massacres and mayhem, harm and heartache, and tolerance and intolerance. And nothing means anything but another dollar under the desk.

No one questions or speculates on anything. If you do, you’re chastised, forced into a corner, and each limb is ripped from your body by the media, the government, and each independent bleeding-heart group in America. According to them, if you’re not PC, you should not, and do not, have a right to an opinion that differs from their own.

Those Rutgers girls received some poor treatment from a worn-out, floundering shock jock that no one really listened to except that day, conveniently. I honestly never knew who Don Imus was until someone pointed out he existed. You know what is almost worse than pigeonholing his statements as racist and not sexist? Those women should have brushed off his comments as unworthy of their attention. What ever happened to “stick and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me?” Where is the personal strength in admonishing the ignorance of others through the simple tsktsk? Why do we need press conferences and private meetings to sort out feelings? Yes, Imus deserved admonishment, but the media spectacle that followed was undeserved.  Silence on a tired has-been effectively would never solve the problem, but neither does a political, partisan outcry.

My generation is a group of touchy-feely, too-scared-to-speak-up ninnies that have zero guts. You cannot stand up against the growing groups of minorities without feeling as though your entire life’s pursuit is threatened. I do not agree with the tenets of homosexuality. It is not my personal choice in life, but I can understand it is the choice of others. And that is fine with me. It is fine with most of my friends. But someone out there will attack my beliefs someday for not accepting it wholly into my lifestyle. Someday I will be held to standards of complete intolerable tolerance because the poportunists (you know them, the good Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and the like that take the highlighted media massacres and spin them to draw attention to their own agendas) will breathe down my neck for publishing something that does not celebrate everything different and accept it as near and dear to my heart.

When did the First Amendment stop defending the right to have an opinion and start promoting the right to remain silent on all issues of controversy? If you agree with the war in Iraq, say so. If you think that homosexuality is valid, say so. If you believe in God, but denounce the Church, say so. Exercise you’re right to think and express those thoughts without persecution. You have every right to contradict every theory or idea, founded or not. This war on suppressing individual beliefs is exhausting and the notion that my generation promotes this idiocy sickens me. Group think is not a good thing.

Grow some proverbial balls, men and women alike, and stick up for yourself. Disregard the naysayers and move on! If you do not appreciate your treatment, speak up, but do it in an admirable way. Falling to the petty nuances of poportunists and the media will not serve you well. Your fame will diminish and they will forget your outcry. Go on alone, find your strength in yourself and with others of equal merit. Foundation will ground your cause and concerns forever, so find a good place to stand or all else will fail. There is nothing more admirable than laying out the deceitful knaves in the deck for all to see. You can express opinion without denigrating and you can win without cheating.

Have an opinion and make it heard. It is possible to be correct without being political.


One thought on “The Intolerant Tolerants

  1. Good article, even though I doubt you and I would agree on many things, that’s the beauty of America. But, yes, it seems that those who claim to be tolerant are only tolerant of those who think like them. No one is truly tolerant of all views and beliefs, it is such a hypocritical ideology.

    “Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions.” -Chesterton

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