Podiatrists and Optometrists are not one in the same

This morning while attempting to dress myself in some semblance of style, I found myself debating shoe choice. On this day, I chose a pair of pants in a drab green shade. There is only one pair of shoes I prefer to wear with these pants due to their level of informality. I wear a simple pair of black flats with a cute silver buckle. Sockless.

As I was debating the appropriateness of other shoes matched with the pants of choice, I weighed the case in favor of which pair of shoes would make my feel smell less. Yes, I am wholly concerned with the level of stink my feet would produce if I went without socks all day. Some shoes demand socks. Some shoes do not not. Perfect black, buckled wonderful flats revolt against socks. This results in some stinky toes.

Normally, this has little bearing on what shoes I chose for the day. However, today I knew I would be in close proximity to an optometrist. Optometrist, eh? you think. They don’t need to see your feet. EXACTLY! So why the hell did I stand in front of my closet for close to twenty minutes this morning debating shoe choice? BECAUSE I HAVE BIG CHUNKS OF BLOND HAIR ON MY HEAD, PEOPLE. And those strands shone through in all their glory, basking in the eternal sunshine  that is my stupidity. There is no good explanation for why I would think my eye exam would require shoe removal. I mean, I realize my feet are amazing, but they have not quite evolved into a sighted limb. Like the rest of humanity, I lack that superb foot-seeing quality.

And the saddest part of this entire revelation? It took me until lunch time to realize my shoes were going to stay put through the entire exam today.


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