NASA’s Fuel Surcharge Is Out Of This World

Before I forget, I want to pass along a few sightly photos from a rocket (read: not shuttle) launch. The launch occurred on February 18, 2007 around 1800 EST.

Unlike a shuttle launch, which I have been told rocks the earth and vibrates to your core, the rocket was almost silent. Watching from the causeway, we viewed it pierce the atmosphere and delve into space. The engines barely whispered their anger over the horizon. A little girl commented from the shoreline that it appeared as though the rocket was falling back to earth. The spiral show the contrail left tricked her. At the moment she questioned the capacity of the fuel to push the limits of travel, the rocket moved itself into orbit. Our eyes fixed on the vacuum that is space.

Although it was an unmanned mission meant to set a satellite into place, the event still makes you feel proud of your country. I wish that every American witnessed a launch of any proportion. Maybe, just maybe, people would grasp a minuscule portion of the giant concept that is freedom…and appreciate it.


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