I often find while dieting that I will eat salads and drink water and skip breakfast all in the name of eating more chocolate.  I wish the little delight had zero calories and was light as fluff.  Perhaps then I could integrate breakfast back into my life.  C’est la vie.


3 thoughts on “Chocoholic

  1. #^%$#&%^ omg don’t skip breakfast you tard. eat a thing of yogurt and a banana. healthy breakfast that will jumpstart the metabolism.

    Okay Rach – I’m your official dietary consultant.

    1. No fast food (unless Subway)
    2. ALWAYS eat breakfast.
    – yogurt plus banana or
    – english muffin with microwaved egg or
    – oatmeal (yum)

    3. salads are good
    4. Chocolate is okay, you must indulge yourself – Additionally, desert is a mental things…it serves to tell your mind that the meal is completed, making you less likely to snack poorly.
    5. good snack is cut vegies. If you really want to cheat – celery, carrots. Another alternative is a handful of almonds (not nasty canned and salted nuts – find the ones used for baking.

    Also for exercise (and this was reinforced to me today) – exercise 5 times a week. I know this sounds rough, but it’ snot that bad. The one thing that will help you lose weight better is this:

    1. Speed walk 5 times a week for 45 minutes. That means you’re spending ~25 minutes to fat burning which is killer. Jogging and running are effective but only if you’re up to that shape.
    2. Do 100 crunches on MWF (this only takes like 5 minutes, but make sur eit’s not all the same type)

    I know this is all unsolicited, but i read about this crap all the time and we just learned about nutrition TODAY very thoroughly, sooo after my test friday if you want to hang out (i will play your wii and see your horses as i promised), we can also talk about this stuff.

    I’m super excited for you Rach and I know you can do it. And eat some damn choco just ration it throughout the day (the more you deny yourself it, the more it becomes a binge)

  2. I, too, have a daily allowance for chocoalte calories. Make it dark chocoalte (heart healthy!) and you won’t feel as bad. Newman’s Own has an amazing Orange Dark Chocolate bar that I love.

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