Electric Atmosphere, Common Sneer

Last night, a new law semester began. Old faces returned fresh from a month’s vacation. The air electrified the halls with new hope and determination. Underneath it all, however, lurked the least appealling factor of law school: attitude.

For the most part, I enjoy talking to classmates. Mostly, this is a group of nice, hardworking people who finish their nine to fives and come to learn for three hours. No pretenses. No arrogance. But, there are some that roam those halls that carry the smug expression that seems to flow through the veins of certain types of students. I know it because I carried that stupid smile throughout my undergraduate career. A great many more day students have the complex over evening students. This is only because evening students have tasted the bitter flavor of working full-time for a paycheck. The experience tends to wipe the pallet clean of haughtiness.

The annoying expression lives on because its owner has not yet seen true belittlement. It has not been berated over the telephone or through e-mail regarding the $10,000 loss the company suffered because of a late expedited delivery or a lost account. It is an expression of both innocence and arrogance, a very painful combination to have wiped from one’s face with the advent of the working world. Twenty hours a week putzing around on a computer and pretending to write relevent memos are not equivalent to hard hours and long, stessful days.

I recognize the complex, but I wish they would save it for when they actually have the “Esquire” placed after their names.


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